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Wisely Insights is a global agency that creates customized research (qualitative and quantitative) for premium and luxury brands. We deliver relevant insights and actionable recommendations that enhance our clients’ businesses.

Who We Are

We help premium and luxury brands gain insights into their clients by:

  • Understanding customers and uncovering their expectations
  • Discovering shopping behaviors
  • Validating store concepts
  • Assessing the omnichannel situation
  • Evaluating brand performance vs. competitors
  • Monitoring pricing strategies

Wisely Insights is part of the Customer Experience Group (CXG).

CXG thrives on the synergy of its five main agencies, which have decades of expertise in Customer Experience. The Group is supported by teams in our 17 global offices.

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What We Do

Here are some of the main challenges we have successfully helped our clients address.


  • Gain in-depth understanding of luxury brands’ customers
  • Segment customers
  • Uncover customers’ experiences and expectations across all touchpoints, revealing potential gaps and how to bridge them
  • Identify best practices and lost moments


Shopping Behaviors

  • Identify customers’ purchase journeys through all touchpoints
  • Understand purchase triggers and barriers
  • Quantify the size of lost and gained opportunities
  • Define action plans to optimize conversion rate and boost sales

Store Environment

  • Pre-test or validate store concepts
  • Understand how a store concept facilitates its exploration
  • Identify hot/cold zones, and role and perception of visual merchandising
  • Confirm if store conveys the brand’s intended positioning
  • Define rooms for optimization



  • Optimize omnichannel strategies
  • Understand the role and level of alignment of each touchpoint to boost brand performance and perception


Brand Performance

  • Identify brand’s funnel and perception vs. competitors
  • Understand brand SWOT and perception of marketing mix


Pricing Strategy

  • Benchmark price positioning with key competitors, across markets
  • Optimize pricing strategies across markets

How We Do It

We use customized approaches and a wide array of methods, to meet our clients’ needs.
Qualitative methodologies

Focus groups

Individual interviews

Ethnographic interviews

Accompanied shopping interviews

Quantitative methodologies

Store intercepts

Web intercepts

Online interviews


Our Team

Carole Vienne
Carole Vienne

Managing Director

Audrey Brandazzi
Audrey Brandazzi

Senior Research Manager

Beatrice Deng
Beatrice Deng

Research Analyst

Monica Lin
Monica Lin

Research Analyst



Improve Engagement with Your Chinese Customers


Chinese customers matter! In fact, according to recent studies, they account for 32% of luxury sales worldwide, and spend twice as much on luxury goods per year, compared to French or Italian households.


To help you maximize this opportunity, Wisely Insights is launching syndicated research into two categories: Watches & Jewelry and Fashion. We aim to:

Gain in-depth knowledge of Chinese customers’ purchasing behaviors and journeys;

Learn their expectations in terms of environment and service in luxury stores, when they buy locally and overseas, and;

Identify best practices and lost moments

Insights and recommendations derived from this research will help you better engage with this high value market, boosting your sales.

If you would like to know more about this research, and how to get the report, kindly contact us through the form below. But act quickly, since we are launching soon!

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